By logging into your account on, you can change and view many order details and settings.

You can:

Edit your contact details

Edit your address book / addresses

Change your account password

Pay outstanding invoices

View or print your orders, as well as check your order tracking
View and edit your product wishlists

Submit a dispute to the resolution centre

Reorder your previously purchased items

Below that is a section called My Orders, here you can view any order that has been made on your account at You can click the tracking or pay buttons to take action on your orders.

You can also click the order number, and a copy of your tax invoice will be shown, and you can print this from here.

You can also see the status of your order in this section, as you can see below the first two orders have not been paid for, so they are still in the "new" status waiting to be paid for. Once i have paid for these orders, they will move to the Pick/Pack status.

You can also see I have some more orders below that are "dispatched" this means we have sent your item and it's currently with the courier or Australia Post, and will be with you shortly. You can click the blue track button to be shown a history of the postal tracking